Mystery Madness: Veronica Mars and other obsessions

On twitter I admitted that I am a Mystery Geek.

I was excited about seeing the Veronica Mars movie that opened seven years after the TV show ended. I loved the show, I love mysteries. I hooked on to Veronica Mars in its final season, and was sad when it got cancelled. When I discovered Netflix had the DVDs, I caught up on all the episodes I had missed, and I re-watched the last season only to be to be sad all over again when my viewing came to an end. Again, I found myself wondering: "Why didn't such a fun, well written show last?" In Veronica Mars, the snark factor is high, which makes the show's dialogue deliciously clever.



The fact that I love mystery stories is no mystery to my friends and family. I can spend hours watching mystery shows and movies. I am especially fond of British TV mysteries and old 1940s and 1950s mystery movies. To me, Masterpiece Mystery! is the preeminent outlet for mysteries.

What mysteries stories do I love? Which ones do I obsess over? Am I obsessed with Inspector Morse's car?  What are my other obsessions? How did you feel about the ending to Veronica Mars Movie?

Unravel these mysteries  HERE


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