N.J. Mom Charged After School Refuses To Take Action Against Bully

The report of a school superintendet in New Jersey pressing charges against a mom whose daughter was assaulted at school by a bully was shocking to me.  The boy pulled down the 13 year old girl's pants at school and no action was taken against the bully, so N.J. mom exploded.  That's understandable.  I would probably react badly to such a crime being perpetrated against my 12 year old or my 14 year old daughters.  In fact, I was so outraged after my youngest child was bullied at school and later revictimized by the principal, that I started my blog, Momsagainstbullying.blogspot.com. 

No one would ever describe me as opinionated, but when it comes to bullies victimizing innocent children and school officials revictimizing them when they finally do report the bullying, I have a boatload to say.  Let's not forget that 1 out of 4 children are bullied at school every single day in this country.

One dude commented on line today that this was just a prank and a matter of "kids being kids".  Well, that set me off.  If some one pulled his pants down at work, at a football game, or in line at Starbucks, would he not call the police?  Would he not report the crime?  Would he not press assault charges?  And let's remember that the victim here is a 13 year old girl.

Pulling some one'e pants down serves no other purpose than to intentionally humiliate the victim.  It is bullying and bullying is a crime.  Fortunately, anti-bullying laws are on the books in most states.  N.J. mom and her daughter should press charges against the bully and sue the school district.  Unfortunately, legal action is the only way to get the attention of school officials who do not take action against bullying.  School principals who do not take action against bullying only condone and encourage the anti-social behavior and contribute to the suffering of bully victims.  This school district needs to stop revictimizing victims who come forward and adopt anti-bulling policies like most other schools.

Bullying is serious.  Teen suicides were at an all time high last year.  My heart broke to learn of the two eleven year old boys who killed themselves last year just two weeks apart.  Something has to be done on a national level.  I hope this case gets lots of attention in the media and that real positive chage will come about as a result.


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