NaBloPoMo Day 11: Imagination vs. Knowledge

Albert Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Do you agree or disagree?

I neither agree nor disagree, as I said in previous posts, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

There are two elements in this equation, I will try to break down each of them.

Imagination can be good, it's the core of all creative endeavours, whether artistic, literary or from any other field. Its biggest flaw is not having its origin in real-life, palpable evidence and could either be a brilliant masterpiece or a complex lie.

Knowledge is what marks the difference between somebody witty and somebody intelligent. I understand by witty somebody with natural acumen, but little work on expanding or refining it and intelligent as somebody who either has built a knowledge base on nothing or who has used a personal set of natural gifts and refined them with outer experience and learning.

In my opinion, I think both are equally important and none of them should be missing from a complete person. When one of the two trumps the other, there is an increased chance of failure. 
I mean, if you have too much imagination and too little knowledge, you are prone to either unwittingly copy the others or launch preposterous theories or plans that have no applicability in the real world. If you have too little imagination and too much knowledge, you are prone to be a quote erudite, perhaps understanding a thing or two, limited notions, but not the whole picture. 
In order to understand and innovate, one must first know as much as possible (not only the field in question, anything could be relevant) and have enough creative spirit to take the field, idea, theory, etc. to a new direction.

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