NaBloPoMo Day 17: Lyings and Tigers and Bares

When You Have Got Sleep by the Tail

This is an excerpt from NaBloPoMo Day 17: Lyings and Tigers and Bares:

 ...A part of me is aware of the striped predator, but I don’t want to stop the movements of my fingers. I’m enjoying this entirely cerebral feeling too much to return to the mundane messages my physical body is sending.

The tiger knows this prey won’t disengage in time and crouches to pounce. I sigh and let the clouds drift away. I may never catch these same clouds again and even if I do, the shapes I was making can never be repeated. I will have to create something different the next time.

I cannot fight this tiger. I can hold him at bay for a time. I can even meet him from the high ground and choose how I go. He has a double agent, though. If I avoid him for too long, my own body will turn me over to him. Eventually...(read more)

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