NaBloPoMo Day 2: Spirituality Perspectives

Today's Imbolc, which is one of the wheel of the year holidays and the least known of all of them. 

I recently joined a Unitarian Universalist church this past sumer officially and it's interesting that I finally found a church that suits me. I was raised Catholic and I still consider myself some flavor of Christian to a degree, but I also find that earth-based spiritualities and many other paths also call to me. 

It was funny during service because we had a bat flying around the church. I was surprised that I didn't jump when I saw it and it made me happy to see. I usually hate swooping bats after a bad experience where one freaked me out at home. 

Bats are good omens in most traditions, in spite of the fact that it's not healthy to have one flying around the building. People were making light-hearted jokes about it throughout the service until it settled or went back to its nest (I'm not sure which). 

It was an interesting shift in perspective to not freak out about the bat and to experience a circle that was a little different than usual. 

I think though the thing I like most about Unitarian Universalist churches though is that the learning and seeking never ends! There's so many things that I can do that are missing in my family's Catholic church. 


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