NaBloPoMo Day 21: Guest Writer: Cosleeping: I’m doing it wrong – or am I?

This is an excerpt from today's post Guest Writer: Cosleeping: I’m doing it wrong – or am I?

Today, I am honored to share this guest post from MendyLady with you.  The anti-cosleeping campaign in Milwaukee has stirred up controversy, when safe cosleeping is quite simple. Don’t drink or do drugs while cosleeping, don’t cosleep if you have a medical condition that makes it unsafe for those around you, and use common sense about how your family sleeps.

The safest place for children to sleep is with their parents. It has been heavily researched. It is a practice used by the majority of the world today. It is the biological norm for mammals. For more information, please see the resources at the bottom of this post.

The scare tactics used by  the media are uninformed and harmful. Whether cosleeping, bedsharing or another sleeping arrangement works for your family, making informed choices should be supported by everyone.

Most importantly, the incorrect information can cause parents lose sight of the many benefits cosleeping can give. One such benefit is the bonding in quiet family moments that only we get to see. I invite you to peak into in one of those private moments now…


MendyLady CoSleep

We cosleep. We bedshare.

We do it with pillows and blankets and a duvet, on our backs and on our bellies.  We don’t kick the cats out – honestly, would that really work?

We don’t do it drunk, or drugged, or smoking.  We do it to help all of us sleep better – the 11 month old nursing on cue all night, the 3 year old with nightmares, the mother and father who need to be able to function during the day.  We all start in our own spaces, but most mornings I wake up snuggled between my two sweetly sleeping girls.

My very favorite mothering moments are those few precious mornings when I wake just before them, pressed close between their warm bodies.  My nursling stirs, roots for my breast, and latches on for a morning suckle; my preschooler wiggles ’round in the crook of my arm until she can see me, smiles sleepily, and breathes “I love you Mommy.”

Katie Boyd is breastfeeding, babywearing, bedsharing, knitting mama and birth junkie who blogs (rarely) at Lazy Kate and tweets (profusely) as Mendylady.


Let’s spread the positive side of CoSleeping and Bedsharing. Do you have a special co-sleeping moment that you would like to share? I would love to hear from you...(read more)



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