Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?

For the 3rd day of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), the prompt asks about a blogger's music listening habits. Actually, I cannot write WITHOUT music. It may seem strange, but I cannot work in total silence. Unlike many other people, total silence causes my mind to wander, while having music in the background helps me to focus.

I cannot say exactly what one song I heard today. I listen to my iTunes playlist, or I put on one of my 100+ Pandora stations, or I listen to a SiriusXM genre station. I love almost every genre of music. (I even have three (3!) country songs in my playlist--but just three.) When I really need to concentrate, I listen to either classical or jazz--otherwise I start singing along with the track and that is when it is hard to write and listen.

What is your favorite type of music? Do you like to listen to one kind of music at a time, or do you like to mix things up?


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