NaBloPoMo December 2013 Blogroll

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The theme for December is MORE/LESS.

If you're posting every day in December and would like to join the blogroll, fill out the NaBloPoMo Blogroll Form. Make sure you've selected DECEMBER, and only submit your blog once, please. It may take up to 24 hours for your blog to appear on the list. The December blogroll is open until December 5th. After that point, no new blogs will be added.

NaBloPoMo Blogroll

In order to upload people faster to the blogroll, we've gotten rid of the categories. New blogs will be uploaded to the bottom of the list, so check back daily to see who is joining along for NaBloPoMo.

  1. Nilanjana CG's Blog
  2. Thrift Store Mama
  3. Sara writes 4 you
  4. The Modfather
  5. Spinster Jane
  6. the mother of nine9
  7. Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents
  8. Merely Michelle
  9. What I've Learned So Far
  10. Finding the Story
  11. Average Belle
  12. dick-ta-tion
  13. Albania or Bust
  14. Wonderfully Women
  15. The Writing Rants...
  16. Hanaji 花血
  17. The Mojo Lab
  18. The World Through The Eyes of Ms. V
  19. My Busy Days...Am I Retired Now?
  20. Confessions of a Skincare Junkie
  21. Amanda Unvarnished
  23. The Fat Free Queen
  24. NCL.
  25. Flowers Of The Wind
  26. The Lurker's List
  27. Mama's logue
  28. A Portion of the Rainbow
  29. A Song Every Day
  30. Dark Creek Farm Blog
  31. The Wright Frame of Mind
  32. My Beautiful, Crazy Mess
  33. Macprotea's Blog
  34. Catch Us Camping
  35. SiegMom
  36. This Side of Heaven
  37. Everyday Gyaan
  38. Miss Kathryn
  39. A Live-Aboard Blog: Waterborne
  40. xoxRiO
  41. Words on a Page
  42. Run Happee
  43. Ripplespillers
  44. Revenge of the Sonith
  45. Live Out Loud
  46. Amateur Built Family Fun
  47. The MS Mom
  48. My Ambiance Life
  49. Simply Organized Crafts
  50. Planting Godly Seeds
  51. The Kentucky Mountain Girl News
  52. CrossRoad Farm
  53. Aries Cottrell
  54. Stories of Me
  55. Where is Shyamni?
  56. PardonMyRandomness
  57. A Story About A Girl
  58. Homespun: My life
  59. Neverevenalwaysodd
  60. my heart's love songs
  61. The Brown Girl Diaries
  62. Pierced Wonderings
  63. Janice Heck: My Time to Write
  64. The Lovely Photog
  65. Natural Black Girl Guide
  67. Smart Stunning Searching
  68. A.C. Melody
  69. eighty-fivers.
  70. Sound off: Did I say that out loud?
  71. Knit. Run. Reap. Eat.
  72. The LodyBlog
  73. the view from my fishbowl
  74. Jill of all Tirades
  75. Motherhood by Grace
  76. It's A Wonderful F'N Life
  77. Undecided Answer
  78. Jyothi's Day Out
  79. Crazy Eddie's Motie News
  80. A Glimmer In The Mist
  81. Alphabet Salad
  82. The Jittery Goat
  83. Girl Meets Coffee
  84. Aberrant Crochet
  85. Good Vibes and Lonely Nights
  86. Confessions of a Southern Fashionista
  87. The Conscious Musings of Elyse
  88. My Caffeinated Mornings
  89. Manic Meanderings
  90. Much Needed Advice
  91. Adorably Obnoxious
  92. Lise's Log Cabin Life
  93. Creations de mon Coeur
  94. Writer. Dreamer. Storyteller.
  95. Breath, Smiles, Tears: All My Life
  96. That Recipe
  97. Random Mutterings of Aud the Broad
  98. That Recipe
  99. Paleopix - Musings in Science, Writing, and Life
  100. Destino
  101. Split the Lark
  102. moments with shan
  103. Defining My Happy
  105. ...just my thoughts
  106. Love and Life
  107. 10% Less Bitey
  108. Things I want to create before wrinkles overwhelm me
  109. Trigger's Horse
  110. Your Medical Guide
  111. Thee Incendiary Witchboard
  112. VERVE : The Quintessence of my Life
  113. Rob's Surf Report
  114. Shades of Life
  115. SparkaliciousWit
  116. Choosing A Direction
  117. Not Nurse Ratched
  118. I Kiss My Cat on the Lips
  119. Mommy Loves Martinis
  120. Journey Through IF Land
  121. CarrieAll
  122. Saving More Than Me
  123. Zuzu's Tidbits
  124. My Really Real Reality
  125. The Famous Ashley Grant
  126. Her Own Way
  127. Moms and Zombies
  128. Writer n Progress
  129. C'est Si Bon MD
  130. Vikera's Mind Maze
  131. Ceanne's Journey
  132. Dateless in Dallas
  133. Curiosa Kat
  134. My Jerry Springer Kind of Life
  135. Have Apron Will Bake
  136. Frugal Homesteading
  137. Return to Sewing
  138. mainlyfood
  139. The Coconut Kangaroo
  140. Life, The Universe, Everything
  141. Mommy's Angel In Heaven
  142. 411 Junkie
  143. Rose Red Stories
  144. Views From Here
  145. Real Raw Kitchen
  146. Nunu's Journal
  147. Nurse Karin
  148. Jane Doh!
  149. myfabulouschaos
  150. Jobina
  151. My Leader Dogs
  152. Beautiful, Crazy Life
  153. Lipstick and Lithium
  154. A Map of California
  155. Peterisms
  156. raannt
  157. Abby Vs. The World
  158. Manic Mama of 2
  159. BOHICA

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.


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