This is Why We Can't Have a Pet

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I'm one of those people that couldn't keep a goldfish alive. Seriously, my parents bought us ( my brother and I) goldfish when I was about five years old. There were seven little goldfish, and they lived exactly one week.

Apparently we over fed them.

So my parents patiently explained to us that since the fishies are little, they only need a little food. They went out that day and bought us seven more fish. My brother and I decided to feed them fish food crumbs, one per fish, twice per day. These ones lived only a few days not even making it a full week.

The poor souls died of starvation.

After their deaths, my parents decided that we would never have a house pet. So to the day that I moved out (after I got married), my parents had not had any pets. No dogs, no cats, no hamsters and definitely no fish.

I wish I could write about my favorite pet, but those animals would never have a chance in our home. They would have more luck at a different home!

How are you at keeping a pet alive?

Photo Credit: Goldfish via Shutterstock.


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