NaBloPoMo - Halfway there!

I put together most of the post that I'll finish off and publish tomorrow morning, officially taking me to the halfway point of my first NaBloPoMo. It has certainly been interesting. Not going to lie, some of the posts have not been my finest work but I have consciously sat down and written something every single day for the last 15 days.

I write stuff for a living, though nothing so scintiallting as the chronicling of my day-to-day life :) I'm familiar with the taunting pulse of the blinking cursor on a blank screen. It's important to just start typing, stream of consciousness, bullet points, whatever floats your boat. You can always edit it later, but the longer that blank screen stares back at you, the more intimidating it gets.

I'm enjoying the pressure of an every day deadline so far. It's taught me a lot about myself, my writing, finding my voice. I probably won't take part again for a few months, but participating in this month's NaBloPoMo has given me the push I need to map out a strategy for my blog. I highly recommend it to anyone wondering if they've got the stuff to really make a go of blogging. It certainly tests your mettle!

Happy writing, folks!



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