NABLOPOMO HERE WE GO! The Flaneur Lives (and gets published)


It is that time again. November First-ish, and like every November I will try to join the marathon of Nablopomo, and maybe even Nanowrimo. I have failed so far in my previous attempts to post everyday, and while i know that the definition of madness is doing the same thing expecting different results, every November finds me with renewed hope. I have good news today. Do you remember the post on the Flaneur? My drawing of our stroller and wanderer with turtle has caught the eye of a small, independent art press and will be used as a logo for a series of walks that will be published in pamphlet form .. 'Basically, these are poetic/conceptual walks written by writers in different cities. Readers can buy the walks/pamphlets and take them as the writer instructs'. The project just started but please take a peek.



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