NaBloPoMo May Prompts are Making Me Uncomfortable

Thursday, May 3, 2012
Talk about a toy you broke as a child.

I don’t remember ever breaking any toys as a child.  What I do remember though is that my dad used to hide licorice on the top shelf of the cabinet beside the refrigerator.  He would share them with me every now and they, his secret stash of candy. 

The night I broke the four hundred dollar plate, my parents were out for the evening and I don’t remember who was babysitting but I do remember bonking my head when I stood up on the counter and the Royal Copenhagen collector plate that was hanging above the cabinet crashed to the floor.   

I was scared shitless.  And I didn’t even know the dollar value of the plate, just that it was something my dad collected, these beautiful blue and white plates made by Bing and Grondel and Royal Copenhagen.  

When they came home, he started yelling about it being the most expensive plate in his collection and what the hell was I doing standing on the counter anyway.  

I am not sure I got a bare ass spank that night, probably not or I would remember.  I do remember feeling extreme shame though, being so sorry for breaking the plate.  

I don’t think I like this months prompts.  They are digging up bad memories!  When I think of Play, I think of good things.  So far the prompts are just making me feel uncomfortable.

NaBloPoMo May 2012

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