NaBloPoMom Day 1: Pay to Play

I was recently involved in an event that I signed up for to jump start my numbers.  i paid a $5 entry fee, secured a long loved sponsor and started to get excited at the prospect of a deluge of new readers.

Things started to get hinky when the sponsor of the event (CouponCabin) would not commit to any promotion of the event.  Things started to spiral downward when the required text was revealed: 310+ words about CouponCabin.  400+ bloggers each paid $5 to promote a multi million dollar company. 

I bowed out.  I work hard for my sponsors and I get compensated for sponsored posts and product reviews.  This was supposed to help ME.  but how was it going to help me?  By inflating my numbers with "readers" who were only there for the free products?

It was a big "A-Ha" moment.  What am I worth as a blogger?  What lengths will I go to to make my numbers stack up?  Am i willing to throw away a trusted partner for the lure of a bigger GFC following?


I wrote more about it here at The Slacker Mom.



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