NaBloPoMo...Worry work...

I LOVE that December's NaBloPoMo is about WORK...of course, December is a lot of work, there's Christmas...there's Christmas parties, there's cheerful people working at Walmart...a lot of joy.


This is probably going to be a weird December for me...I'm not real sure of what's going to happen this month into January...sure, there's the obvious end of the world thingy December 21 and I'm OK with solves all of the "where am I going to find the perfect gift for my husband and kids!" 

I got laid off this past September and although it was a shock, it wasn't as big as you'd expect if you work in radio.  There's always lay-offs and format's a job that has no security, and it's a bit like gambling in a show up and today you may score big, or today your job has been eliminated.  It doesn't matter if you had an audience that loved what your show, unfortunately, radio today is very rarely about the audience.  It's about the few people that were selected to wear a PPM...a Personal People Meter...they keep it on themselves at all time, and what it means is, wherever they are, at a store, a doctors office, in their car, even if their not actually listening...this meter on their body or in their purse is picking up a signal and recording it...and that is how radio is measured today.  And with the economy doing so terrible, and if  your the DJ of a small radio station that plays classic country (George Strait, George Jones, Barbara Mandrell, The Statlers)...and you don't have the major radio accounts...but you had loyal mom and pop business's who bought advertising, you might get 2 years out of this job, or not...I got two years, I'm grateful for that.

The one plus about already losing your job...I normally got laid off in January from my radio jobs...January was always the month of fear and nervousness..."is my boss not looking me in the eye when I said hi?"  All that crap.  No fear now...I already know how this job ends...but's it's OK...I'm going to be OK...because to me, December has always been about saying thank you...about being grateful for what you have, and December has never been about me anyway...I'll worry next'll make a great NaBloPoMo post...or not...;  )

Cindy Huber


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