Nadine Racing

Nadine Lajoie is: a championship motorcycle racer, an international motivational speaker, an author, a coach, a musician and singer, a real estate investor, and a finance expert who is dedicated to help others reach the life of their dreams with balance and passion!

Nadine is speaking to "IN-Powering" countless others worldwide with a completely UNIQUE NEW  "twist" using motorcycle racing as a metaphor for life; and provide a powerful and energetic message to embody success, adrenaline and power with softness, music, personal growth, spirituality and business/finance concepts. 

Her presentations, seminars, coaching and training programs allow people to participate in a very unique moment that carries a powerful, intense, diversified, dynamic and positively charged message.  Her motorcycle meditation and her music help participants to open their hearts and go deep inside to touch the spirit that will change their lives and help them race to their dreams!


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