Nae's Nest

Sometimes I truly believe I am dying. I am fighting depression as well as cancer on a daily basis.

On Dec 9, 2009, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. It has spread to 1 lymph node (stage 3) and has gone through a few layers of the colon wall. There are 3 types of colon cancer. Type 1 is the least aggressive; type 3 is the most aggressive. Mine, thankfully, is type 1.

However, given the fact it has spread to lymph nodes gives it the grade of "stage 3". In Colon Cancer, stage 1 is curable, stage 4 is terminal.

Stage 3, makes my "less aggressive" cancer more serious, however, it is treatable. My first chemo treatment is Jan 12. The type of chemo I will receive is also "less aggressive". I am told I may not lose my hair however, I will most likely feel very ill. The thought of losing my hair truly does not bother me.  Lose Hair or Win Life .... when you think of it this way .... losing all of your hair really seems insignificant.

My goal is to stay Cancer free for the next 5 years to be considered "cured".  My surgeon will now also become my new best friend. I will have to see him every 3 months for the next 5 years. I will have bloodwork and other tests taken with each visit.  My journey is just beginning.     

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