Naes Nest

My "star" of choice? To leave a legacy for my future grandchildren. I would like to have a book published. I have always been a writer. I've had a newspaper column and such. However, writing consumes hours upon hours of time. As a working- outside -of- the -home- (breath)-mom, I never had the time to write until now.

I am unable to work due to an attack. A flesh eating beast has attacked my body. I have been fighting this beast for just over 2 years. The beast has a name. His name is Cancer. He forces me to twist and turn. I am Dancing With Cancer and I share this story in the form of a journal.

I also have a tremendous sense of humor which I share along with any other musing that pops into my head.

We each have the ability to make our dreams come true. You can't be afraid. One would never become a star had they not reached out and captured it. Come with me to ride upon a star.


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