Nail of the Day: Elf - Violet Velvet

Hello My Lovelies!

This is the first Elf nail polish that I have ever worn and I must say for the price, I’m totally impressed. I purchasedtwo cubes from Haute Look which contained 12 nail polishes for only $5. I would see the Elf cubes at the drugstore, but I would turn my nose (the snob that I am) and walk away, heading towards Sally Hansen or Essie. 

So for the money, I got excited and decided if they were horrible, I wouldn't be all that upset, since all 12 cost less than one Sally Hansen anyway. 

The shade that I'm showing you is Violet Velvet. It is simply beautiful. It took two coats to become fully opaque and the formula rivals that of the higher priced companies. It glided onto my nails like butter and the application was flawless. It is somewhat shimmery, but it's not over the top shimmery and it does not show any brush marks. To top it off, it dried so fast, I didn't need my quick dry! Heck YES! I am so happy I purchased this and I'm really looking forward to trying out the rest of the polishes. 

Let me ask you this? Are you an Elf snob as well? If so, get over it and buy some PRONTO!

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