The name of my book is From Your Heart to Your Home by Reda Johnson

The name of my book is From Your Heart to Your Home. The subtitle is Embrace simple pleasures, sweet comforts, awaken your creativity and satisfy your longing for home. It was published in July 2011 by Create Space Publishers. It can be ordered on their website or The book has 368 pages. It  has an orange cover. There is one with a white cover, published by a different company who refuses to take the book offline. I am in the process of fighting that one.

I have been a crafter for over 10 years. I saved all my patterns and notes in boxes, not knowing one day I would write a book. I had people asking me how to make this or do that and one day a girl at work said I should write a book. Then, my mother said I had been talking about writing a book for I did.

Here are the contents:


Cleaning Help


Gratitude Journal

Flowers, Herbs and Gardening

Language of Flowers and Herbs

Herbs of the Bible



Miscellaneous Beauty

Herbal Crafts

Varieties of Mints

Dry Potpourri

All about Essential OIls

Effects of Essential Oils

For the Guys

Feeding Birds

Just for Kids

Tried and True Recipes

Vinegar Bottles and Herbal Butters


Hodge Podge


Financial Awareness

Thank You God

Take Time For...

Learning Tools

When you look up the book, you will see the more extensive content list. Please take a look.


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