Namely Marly

The Namely Marly blog is about life: Namely, Marly’s life, your life, a dog’s life. You name it! Oh, and it’s about names too. That’s because one of Marly’s passion is names; especially people and their names.


The topic of names is so fascinating, because Marly decided to change hers. (Just so you know, she changed her name to Marly long before she even heard about the book with the dog.) As a result, she loves to talk to people about names, especially those who have changed their names. Marly has conducted personal interviews with countless numbers of people about their names. She’s gathered even more stories about people and their names from her on-line survey about names.


Marly uses this blog to talk about life, her vegan journey, motherhood, and of course, names. Names of people, names of recipes (Snickerdoodles?), famous people who’ve changed their names (Jon Stewart), place names, band names, and more (yes, there’s more).