Naming My Last Baby

When I was sixteen and hoped someday to have a dozen children, part of me just wanted to be able to name them all.  I still feel that way, and I absolutely love going through name books and choosing names.

I've discovered though, that choosing a list of my favourite hypothetical names is MUCH different than choosing a name for an actual person.  When I named my daughter, I had so many things to consider:

What 'kind' or 'style' of name do I want to choose?

What are our thoughts on spelling?

How does it sound with our last name? (My favourite boys name rhymed with our last name, which angered me more than I can say because I had a really hard time choosing boys names...)

Does it have any negative or obvious cultural or social connotations? (Names like 'Adolph' or 'Bart' or 'Madonna' could fall into this category)

Does it remind me of anyone in my life that I either liked or disliked?

Do I know anyone with this name, and would it cause 'issues' if I used it?

Do I want to name my child after anyone?

We chose a name for our daughter before she was born, and when it came time to give it to her, both my husband and I decided that there was something about it that we were simply not ready to commit to.  We went with another name on our list - Clara Faith - and I'm definitely happy with it.

I was given an interesting piece of advice one day about choosing a name.  A friend said "Before choosing a name, picture this person introducing themselves on a blind date, and then picture this person as a lawyer".  Basically, consider how the name would come across to people as an adult - could she be the kind of person that people would want to know better, and could she also be a professional who will be taken seriously?  I thought this was pretty good advice. Being more of a geeky intellectual type, it was more important to me that the name suited a lawyer than someone on a date, but the idea worked anyway.

Now, naming a second child means I have to consider all of these things as well as the following:

How does the name 'fit' with 'Clara Faith'?

Does it sound the same or similar in some way, or start with the same letter? If we DO end up having another child, is this a pattern I can continue, or do I care?

In 15 years, will one of my children be jealous of the others' name? (I don't even know if this is a 'thing', since I didn't have siblings, and I probably have no way of predicting which names will be 'cool' or not...)

AND because this baby is likely to be my last, I feel the pressure of having all of my 'naming needs' fulfilled with this last baby name. 

So much to think about!

Not that I don't still enjoy this process, because I do.  In fact, it is disappointing to me that my husband is not overly enthused with the naming process, because I would love to talk to him about it, but I guess that's better than having huge disagreements about names.  He's pretty agreeable! :)

Any thoughts or advice on how to do this? I have a short list for Baby Girl #2, and if you're interested, they are on my blog post HERE - I'd love to hear your input!


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