Nanny Arrested in NYC Murders: Surround This Mom Blogger with Love

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There are certain things in this life that I simply never want to understand. Here are a few: What life feels like to live without your children. The bone-crushing guilt that must accompany any decision that led to your children being harmed -- no matter that your choices were rational, the best any mother could do. The ridicule, finger-pointing, and judgment of complete strangers when your family tragedy becomes national news. Knowing that Marina Krim, a mother in New York City whose two children were allegedly murdered by their nanny, is dealing with all of those feelings -- and more -- makes my heart break. But I have hope.


You see, Marina is a blogger. While her LiveJournal blog is currently down, anyone who has blogged knows that your blog doesn't have to be working for your community to surround you with love, with understanding, with comfort. Of course, anyone who blogs also knows that the cruel, nasty, thoughtless things that people say in the face of your loss can cut like knives, but I have hope that Marina's online community will surround her in this most difficult time of need.

Someday Marina's blog will serve as a way to remember her children, the good times, the funny sayings, the beauty of it all. Someday the cruel judgment of others will cease, and her community will continue to surround her as she sorts through this unimaginable loss and all of the many emotions that will accompany it. Someday, we hope, the perpetrator of these senseless murders will face justice.

But for now, as bloggers -- some of us mothers, some of us not -- we surround Marina with love, with shoulders to cry on, with words and with silence. Someday will come. For now, we grieve with the Krim family.


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