NaNoWriMo? No. NoBloShoeMo? NOW you're talking.

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Earlier today, BlogHer Contributing Editor Sassymonkey reminded us that November brings the return of both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. I tried NaNoWriMo once, only to learn definitively that I do NOT have a novel in me; last year, I opted for NaBloPoMo, because I reasoned that I could always post photos of my shoes on my blog when I ran out of actual content.

Next thing I knew, we had a whole Flickr pool of shoes, and NoBloShoeMo was born.

Friday Style

And tomorrow, NoBloShoeMo: Thirty Days of Shoes returns.

For the next thirty days, we want you to show us your shoes -- the good, the bad, the ugly-but-oh-so-comfortable. Post daily, or once in a while, or when the shoe whim strikes. Because you wear them every day, why not photograph them? Every day. For one month.

It's that easy.

I can't even tell you how much I've been looking forward to November and the shoe pool, not only because I have a deep love of shoes, but because I loved the other women in the pool so much. They were funny and sassy and stylish, and I looked forward every day to the new additions to the pool. I probably would have spent less time writing a novel than I did looking at pictures of complete strangers' shoes, but it was entirely worthwhile. Please join us -- even if you only own two pairs of shoes, or you own forty but only wear that one pair of loafers every single day. Show us your stilettos and your Crocs and everything in between.

It's fun, I promise.

My shoe closet is composed almost entirely of flats, for a lot of reasons; they are comfortable and practical, and I'm just not a heels kind of girl. So I'm always on the lookout for really terrific flat shoes, particularly anything with a little bling or sparkle or detailing. And I'm not the only one.

Almost Dressed is coveting some cable-knit ballet flats from Old Navy -- cheap AND chic, at $19.50, and thoroughly cozy.

FashionChicks tempts me with real ballerina ballet flats. Chic, but, at nearly $450.00, not exactly cheap.

And Little Splurge has found a Nine West metallic ballet flat that will go PERFECTLY with your little silk dress. For $39.99.

Susan Wagner writes about fashion at Friday Style and The Working Closet, and about everything else at Friday Playdate. In November she will be showing off her shoes in the NoBloShoeMo pool and the rest of her accessories in The Working Closet Flickr pool.


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