I have been a full on addict of blog reading for the past few years, but never myself took the leap. I've much enjoyed the tales and lives of others, but couldn't quite pin point my apprehensiveness of joining the realm of "blogging" myself. Was it narcissistic to blog about my life .... would anyone even care? Is blogging as therapuetic as it's rumored to be?

Well, here I am... a brand new baby blogger! Looking to let off a little steam, share in my happiness, and journal my emotions and what-not's on the interweb. A little ventilation of thoughts  as I go through one of the longest divorces in the history of divorces, the trials and tribulations of single-parenthood, raising two rowdy little ladies, learning to kick the crap out of congenital heart disease, all the while maintaining that 4.0 gpa in school.

I totally got this.


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