nasturtium n' tomatoes, fo'evah n' evah

nasturtium n' tomatoes, fo'evah n' evah

The Stinking Rose is a much loved restaurant in San Francisco (which appears from the website seems to have sold out some by opening a branch in Beverly Hills, of all places). It's been a fun place to go and bring friends, especially out-of-towners that are suitably impressed by the lush wackiness of the joint. Garlic ice-cream! Oooh-hooo!

I never got the name though. I thought it was cool, sure, but I didn't get it. Yesterday while in the garden, admiring my brand-new mini-spiral and blissed out of mind that the nasturtiums that I hunted down and transplanted have taken, I got it. 

my mini-spiral - with basil, flat-leaf parsley, tomatoes, marigold, snap dragon and at the very top you can see the nasturtium peeping through

Companion planting! Roses love garlic! A-HA! Isn't that clever?! The Stinking Rose! hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Ha, ha and AH-HA aside, I am tickled pink by the whole concept of companion planting. Where compatible plants help each other out by balancing/providing something that other plants finds useful.

Garlic loves roses. Tomatoes love nasturtium. I looked everywhere for nasturtium seedlings and could not find them. Then just seeds. Still couldn't find them. Which frankly confused me as I saw the plants EVERYWHERE. Finally (as so often it happens), just as I was giving up hope, I found them right here in our own garden, tucked in a nook under some old potting soil. I moved them over to the tomatoes, praying they'd be okay and LO! Look at 'em!

The artichokes are doing well, thank you for asking!

three lil' artichokes, growing in the tree...

 I find them adorable, peeping out of their leafy cocoons like they do

 And, like I always get hungry while visiting the aquarium (my mouth actually salivates when I gaze at the squid), I find sexy little drool-puddles by the artichokes.

 *MUST* move on now.

 I don't actually find the strawberries as exciting as the artichokes. I think it's because the dang squirrels keep stealing 'em

 The pole beans are doing their thing, and allowing Jack and the Bean Stalk to a make a lot of good sense

can't you just see this climbing through the clouds?
And speaking of climbing, I've never seen lettuce get so tall
letting it go 'to seed'

 Or ivy to grow so fast

 Ivy - and this little "weed"

Bring to mind the whole concept of weeds. Weed - a plant that grows where it's not wanted. Right? I mean, a rose can be a weed if it's growing in your corn patch. I'm pretty sure nasturtium must be generally considered weeds, else I'd have an easier time finding seeds for them. 
One thing that I like about "weeds" is how fiercely they grow. Cling to life. Assert themselves. I"m sure I'm just saying this as a brand-new gardener, but then again, I did name my daughter Moxie as she clung to life herself so fiercely. I appreciate little survivors.


Which in my hands, probably means the whole garden


It's being patient with me. I can feel it. Letting me fall in love with the process of growing, with the hidden magic that comes from a seed unfurling, letting loose through the soil into the light.

It'll probably hit me with a double-dose of the 'add nitrogen to my soil or I"ll kill myself' thing later BUT by then, well, I'll be in love and we'll have a rabbit trailer and lots of worm castings and super-nitrogen-rich chicken poop to boot.

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