National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Month.  As an adoptive family, we celebrate the blessing of adoption EVERY month! Yet, it is a special privilege to encourage and empower parents to pursue this path to parenthood.

 I would like send you a complimentary copy of a new product I have created called the Adoption Boot Camp.  It is directed to the audience of parents who know they want to adopt as well as those who are still in the early decision-making stage.  As a lawyer and an adoptive mom, I have seen successful and unsuccessful adoptions.  The best way to enter into the process is being educated and equipped.  The lists, decision tree, articles and Ebooks included in the Adoption Boot Camp will allow parents to have confidence!

You may give away as many copies of this resource as you like.  Please send me an email or message if you would like me to send you this complimentary package.

Very truly yours,

Christine Field



Christine Field