Bullying Prevention Month: News Anchor Responds To Fat Shaming Email On Air

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Jennifer Livingston -- an anchor/reporter at News 8000 in La Crosse, Iowa -- gets emails from viewers every day. But this email? This day? Enough is enough.

I've struggled with my weight personally, on both the obese and underweight ends of the spectrum, and I wept as I watched Jennifer respond to such hurtful and presumptuous words. Gluttony is an unhealthy choice, but obesity is an epidemic. The two are not one and the same.

I recently wrote about the realization that I'd been living with body dysmorphia. Body image is such a volatile topic for the women in this country (and men, undoubtedly - but the shaming of women appears to reign down ceaselessly in our society) and while Jennifer's bully finds her "condition" to be setting an irresponsible example for the community, I'd call it irresponsible to the community to assume that someone else's physical appearance is your business, and to presume that you have any concept of the health obstacles (be they mental or physical) that stand between that person and how YOU think they should look.

I applaud Jennifer, and thank her for her bravery. I also happen to think she's beautiful, but that's neither here nor there.

To watch the conversation unfold, visit (Jennifer's Husband) Mike Thompson's official Facebook page. To find out more about National Bullying Prevention Month, visit their homepage.


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