National Craft Month: Finding Inspiration

It's National Craft Month!  Yippee!! 

Now what?

Have you got a list of projects that you are dying to work on or are you just wanting to try something new?  Are you interested but unsure where to begin?  Are you just overwhelmed by the shear thought of attempting a creative project?  Are you always telling yourself you are not creative?

Well – first of all, we are all creative, in different ways, but we all have a way that we creatively express ourselves, so scratch that reason right off of your list.

Now, maybe what you need is just some inspiration, motivation, or quick little kick to get you moving.  If that is the case, here are a few things that I would suggest for you to start finding what you are looking for.


This seems like a very simple answer because it is.  I think that most people would be shocked to know just how many creative types regularly blog.  Quilters, sewers, photographers, eco-crafters, scrapbookers, jewelry designers, digital designers and more all have blogs where they not only share their passion and creations, but tips and tricks.  They often even offer free or inexpensive tutorials either on their own site or through another craft site.  There is a blog for everyone to find inspiration in a style that fits them.  Not every blog is for every crafter – follow your heart and what leaps just a little bit in your chest when you see it.  That is a sure sign that this person’s art is speaking to you.

Books and Magazines.

There are instructional books out there from industry experts in every medium from yarn to paper to fabric and beyond.  Likewise there are niche publications that are monthly, quarterly, or specialty in all of the areas you could dream of.  Want to paint?  No problem.  There’s a book for that.

In Person Events.

You might be surprised to know that old fashioned quilting bees still exist.  As do scrapbooking parties called “crops” and at-home or in-store jewelry making parties.  There are groups that get together to knit or crochet blankets and scarves for the homeless.  A lot of these events are through community groups or churches, so go online and see what you can find out in your area.

On-Line Communities.

This is again another growing area for people interested in crafting to either dip their toe into the water or plunge in off the high dive whole-hearted.  There are online sharing communities that are around specific crafts.  Similar to the in-person events, mixed with blogging and message boards, crafters often get together on-line to teach, share, learn, and create together.  This can be done via a specific manufacturer group, on-line specialty retailer, or just a group of crafters that just started all on their own.  This is a great place and forum to ask questions, get advice, and learn from fellow crafters.

Hopefully some of this is helpful and useful to you as you begin to explore National Crafting Month and look for inspiration in the world around you.

Now, remember back to when you were 5 and had hours of fun with crayons, scissors, and construction paper, embrace that now grown 5 year old and go make some art.

Happy Crafting!

Stephenie Hamen

Crafter. Foodie. Master Gardener. Mother. Blogger.

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