National Cupcake Day- 02/25/2013

national cupcake day

  • Well it's a nice way to start of the week, even if I can't indulge like I wish I could.  I wish I could say that National Cupcake Day is all about cupcakes but it's a tasty way to help bring awareness and funding to SPCA's and Humane Societies in Canada. Other participating countries are Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

-I personally like cupcakes because they are small, unless you go to some of the bakeries that make them as big as your head. I also like making them myself because I can control the ingredients, and more importantly the size. I do not want a cake sitting on the counter because I will eat a piece every day, until it's gone. A nice mini cupcake is more than enough to satisfy a craving, that I only give into if I still have it after 24 hours. Yep, I make myself wait at least that long, with the hope that I'll forget I was craving a "bad" food in the first place. Sometimes it works, sometimes I dream about the food.

-I have to say my favourite is chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting. My next would probably be coconut cupcake with coconut frosting and of course chocolate on chocolate.

-Does anyone else care about the cupcake to frosting ratio? If you love cupcakes, this is important. There should barely be a ring of cake, not covered by frosting. Cake not covered by icing dries out by the hour. There is nothing worse that dry cake, no matter how good it tastes. It should have a good quality butter cream. Not fondant, yuck! (That stuff should be banned from baking. If your worth your salt as a pastry chef, you should be able to smooth butter cream. Plus I think it tastes disgusting. My opinion only.) Not whip cream. Not royal icing. I almost forgot, no sprinkles of any kind.

Are you a cupcake person? What's your favourite flavour combination? Are you participating in National Cupcake Day?


Till next time,



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