National Day of Silence?

Last night, around the dinner table, TW discovered that both of the older kids are planning on participating in the National Day of Silence. (huh, who knew?!)

I ate dinner at my desk, since I was still working, so I wasn't privy to most of the discussion. I just caught a bit of it on my way to the bathroom... I heard Liz (10) ask why anyone would want to participate in National Day of Silence... when she was asked why she wouldn't, "Freedom of speech, duh!"

This made me laugh, so I thought I'd attempt to explain it using something she might understand... "Well, what about parades. Some parades don't allow gays to march..." she interrupted with "What about The Rockettes?!!!" Me: "The Rockettes aren't a gay group..." She interrupted again with "Mommy! You could be the first Gay ROCKETTE!"

At which point I gave up on the entire discussion.

I did overhear the 13 year old say she can't wait to have a whole day at school where she doesn't have to say anything. (Which is not something I can picture - the child cannot go 15 minutes without saying something, to someone.) She also seems quite interested in the rainbow wristbands people will receive if they participate.

The 15 year old seems extremely interested in participating due to the black t-shirt he'll get to wear (after he buys it) for NDoS.

Kids. Geez.