National Retailer in Australia Under Fire for Selling Lewd T-shirts to Kids

Jay Jays’ Little Losers line of clothing was criticised by the Australian Childhood Foundation in Sydney's Daily Telegraph, saying the t-shirt slogans send the wrong message to kids.

Based on MR MEN characters, T-shirt slogans include: Mr Pimp; Mr Drunk; Mr Well Hung; Mr Asshole; Miss Wasted; Miss Floozy; Miss bitch...

The Little Losers clothing line is being marketed to kids aged 12 to 17 and includes, t-shirts, mini skirts, shorts, accessories and sleepwear. But it is the t-shirt slogans that has parents up in arms and calling for the tees to be pulled from sale.

These tees for teens are part of a growing trend by clothing manufacturers to market the raunch culture to kids. The clothing manufacturers will try to convince us that they are just reflecting cultural trends and the time honoured tradition of teenage rebellion. But what they are really doing is exploiting deviant behaviours for profit. There is nothing funny about binge-drinking, aggressive behaviour and the sexualisation of children. These are all very serious issues and shouldn’t be exploited for profit.


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