Natural or Neurotoxin?: A Day of Deodorant

I've heard really bad things about natural deodorant. I've heard that Tom's doesn't work, store brands only pretend to be natural, yadda yadda yadda.  I've also heard that regular antiperspirant - which contains aluminium chlorohydrate - is really bad for you. (The aluminium seeps into your skin, and high doses over long periods - systemic accumulation  - have been linked to Alzheimer'sIn short, it's a neurotoxin.)

When Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal offered to send me samples of their deodorant - roll-ons, sprays, and even lip balm - I accepted their offer with skepticism.  Was I willing to take the chance of being stinky for a few days in the hope that this natural crystal stuff works as well as my Dove deodorant does?

Apparently, I was.

This is an unedited account of a full day with Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, start to finish.  Let's see how natural holds up against neurotoxin.

7:09 AM: Oh hell, I hit my snooze button too many times.  Time to get up, roll on Naturally Fresh Tropical Breeze - after shaking it first, which is kind of fun at 7AM - and cross my fingers.

7:15 AM: The roll-on is dry, and I'm tropically breezey.  Not a bad scent, either.

9:00 AM: After rolling into work a half-hour late because I missed my bus, I'm overly warm, my arms are full of purses and lunches and double tall mochas, and my underarms smell...fine.  No perspiration either.  Interesting.

11:26 AM: Pit check.  They both smell like clean clothes and, if I shift some fabric, a hint of piña colada.  ...yum?

2:27 PM: I'm still sweat-free, but I can't tell if there's any odor.  I think I'm sniffing too often...and really, who is going to get this close to my underarms but me?

5:15 PM: I ignored my underarms for a couple of hours, then half-walked, half-jogged to the bus.  I'm a little perspire-y, but nothing more than what I would be with "normal" deodorant.  (Maybe less, even.)

7:00 PM: Here's the real test: I'm going to go work out.  You ready, pits?  Are you ready? (I reapplied before I left.  I would have done this anyway, but being self conscious made the process much stranger.  "Okay, um, do I need to reapply?  I would anyway...but should I...smell myself again first?  Hm.")

8:30 PM: Verdict: people sweat whether or not they're wearing deodorant. I'm not really sure what else I was expecting.  I stink a little bit, but I spent 45 minutes on an eliptical machine, so that makes sense.  Right?

9:00 PM: Okay, I'm showering now.  Thus ends the test.


You know...this stuff actually works.  It feels a little cold and wet, and it deodorizes differently than standard deodorant, but it does do the job.

The craziest part isn't that it works, though.  It's that when I do get smelly, I smell like me. I don't know how to explain it!  I think you just have to try this stuff to understand: when you wear regular deodorant and it fails, or wears out, or just sucks, you smell gross.  But when this stuff wore out, my sweat smelled cleaner, somehow.  Less chemical.  It's like the difference between cheddar and Cheez Wiz.  Does that make sense?

Despite all that, my favorite Naturally Fresh product isn't the deodorant.  (Sorry, Lavendar scent.)  It's the MoistStic Natural Lip Protection.  That stuff is smooth, and it is cold. I heart peppermint oil.

"MoistStic with a unique blend of all natural ingredients work to soothe, smooth and heal dry lips and preserve healthy skin, providing a protective layer from the drying effects of the sun, altitude and cold weather. Other lip balms can't compare....our ingredients are the difference, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, and Peppermint Oil."


You can pick up most Naturally Fresh products at Fred Meyer and  Keep your eye out and give them a try!

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