Natural Parenting - Making the World a Better Place for our Kids (and us) With our Blogs

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Calley Pate

What is natural parenting?  Today parents no longer fit nicely into the hippie, crunchy, or tree-hugger category when we choose to raise our children more naturally.  Many of us are modern, educated, working parents who choose to go back to the basic parenting styles that our ancestors believed in.  We all share a common belief while our blogs may feature different areas that are most important to us.  Let’s leave the judgements at home, check the mama drama at the door, and advocate for our children and the environment through our blogs.

Many of us support breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, natural childbirth, co-sleeping, organic living, and the aspects of our lives that lead to a more natural, eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle for our children and ourselves.  Don’t worry if you don’t practice all of the aspects of this lifestyle - there is a lot of information in this session that any parent or blogger can benefit from.

This panel will discuss how natural parenting blogs can:

  • Use their blog for advocacy,
  • Incorporate a family blog into their advocacy message,
  • Find a unique voice in their advocacy,
  • Build a stronger community,
  • Be respectful to others opinions,
  • Support brands and companies without hurting their message,
  • Continue our advocacy as our babies grow up (wean, potty train, etc),
  • Change the World with our blogs.

Panelists will include some of your favorite natural parenting bloggers from many different niches like:
Calley of The Eco Chic (@TheEcoChic),
Kim of Dirty Diaper Laundry (@KimRosas),
Dagmar of Dagmar momsense (@DagmarBleasdale),
Desiree of So Fawned (@SoFawned),
Kelly of Kelly Wels (@KellyWels),
and maybe you!  Let us know if you are interested in being a panelist and what your favorite natural parenting topic is.