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Just as soft light and pretty mountains would make for a perfectly boring photo album, so too would a whole book of big smiles and cheerfulness. Allow your portraits to be an honest example of your subject's true personality.

Our deckhand Adam was quiet and reserved, but had a hint of a smile with him at all times. Adam was my favorite subject onboard as he looked the part of a handsome sea captain. His natural environment was outside in the ubiquitous Alaskan rain. Adam did not smile on command, and I was thankful for that. I was laughing hard as I took shot after shot of him and his stubborn poker face. The combination of his stern demeanor and my genuine laughter produced this wonderful shot of Adam with just a hint of a smile and humor in his eyes.

deckhand on ship

I had to be very patient, and diligently bring my camera everywhere, to get the reward of a true, unguarded smile from Adam. I'll just have to admit that the delight he found in a bald eagle was not something I could conjure on my own.

Man seeing bald eagle


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