Naturally Nora Fudge

Take It Away

I just walked in the rain last night to burn off food calories. Little did I know that I would need to take another walk to burn off more calories.

What kind of calories, you say? Well, the absolutely deliciously chocolaty kind. The creamy chocolaty fudge kind.

Frosting Mix Not Marshmallow Creme

All of the family savored two pieces of homemade fudge last night. My son, Austin, found a recipe for fudge on Naturally Nora’s website. Apparently you can make chocolate fudge by using her “Cheerful Chocolate” Frosting Mix. When choosing to use Naturally Nora’s Frosting, you don’t need to use marshmallow creme that is a common ingredient used in many fudge recipes.

Take It Away

The Naturally Nora fudge became quickly devoured in our family. Well, at least as much of it as I would allow them to eat.
I wanted some fudge left for after today’s lunch. But now I say… Take it away. Or, I’m gonna have to take an extra long walk tonight even if it’s forecasted to rain. With my stomach full of fudge, I guess I better check the weather forecast for tonight… just in case.

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