Naturally Sedating that Menopausal Wailing Banshee

In these few passing months I have slowly but surely come to feel happy and blissful again, having found some freedom from that ever wailing Menopausal Banshee. The remedy: keeping busy—cooking to my heart’s content, unpacking boxes, re-arranging furniture—and lots of fresh air and sunshine. By Spending many quiet, quality hours in my garden, I have found comforting peace in Nature, amongst my fruit trees and thriving vegetables. My spirit feels renewed. But DANG if every muscle in my body doesn’t hurt like a son-of-a-gun! When did I get so old?

Naturally Sedating that Menopausal Wailing Banshee 1

Though I do look forward every morning to getting busy, having an agenda already planned in my head—watering, weeding, fertilizing, and a spectacular meal plan—I don’t necessarily jump out of bed in the mornings. I open my eyes and lie there waiting to feel that every muscle in my body will be functional. Then I slowly get dressed—because I am not as nimble as I used to be—gather my wild peppered hair into a ponytail, and make my way out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to brew coffee.

Naturally Sedating that Menopausal Wailing Banshee 2

The day will usually begin with a glorious shining sun bursting through my home’s windows, and I’ll eventually step outside to survey my front and backyards. Outside, I immediately feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and face, and sometimes with just a touch of a chilled breeze lightly blowing. I hear the birds chirping their rehearsed songs, and soon see them expertly maneuvering through the air. And in the distance I can just make out the distinct sound of a lawnmower’s motor revving, and, competing to be heard, the hum-drum sound of a leaf blower.

Naturally Sedating that Menopausal Wailing Banshee 3

From the open hill on which we live, with a panoramic view, I look around at the majestic beauty of the mountains, here, up on higher ground, and I can’t help but take a deep breath at all the greenery: flourishing grass, prosperous trees, and leaves scattered from the constant blowing wind, and all methodically placed.

Naturally Sedating that Menopausal Wailing Banshee 4

Way up high on a mountain, I can just make out grazing cattle and people riding on horseback. And if I stand long-enough, silent and unmoving, I will be rewarded with Nature on the move. Unbelievably, hummingbirds will hover over my head, as if to examine if I am a threat, and rabbits, which have made their home here, will also stop to stare at me, standing not 5-feet away, and linger longer to graze on the grass.

Now even the deer seem to have a curiosity about me, often stopping for many moments to gape, and on many occasions now don’t even bother to flee like they used to, they will continue about their business, eating. I think they have begun to recognize me, and know I mean them no harm.

Menopause and I, for the moment, seem to be at peace!

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)


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