Naughty George lives up to his bloody reputation

Naughty George excelled himself today, the git. I was taking him for his daily drag through the village, which, as usual, was punctuated by him wanting to piss on something about every five steps. Oh yeh, I take five steps, feel sudden resistance on the leash, and then look behind me to see NG on three legs (again), with his collar up around his ears.

I have also noticed that he is getting more proficient at pissing up things whilst the owner is in the vicinity. Like the car his pissed on today, just as the owner was getting out.  

But that wasn't his piece de resistance. No sirree. After yomping through the fields, we were finally heading home through the streets of Forest Hill. Coming towards us on the pavement was a veteran village resident, along with her elderly dog which looked a bit like a rat on a piece of string. It was all little and wiry, with a pointy face.

She saw me and shouted out, "hello!" (all dog walkers know each other in Forest Hill you see). I returned her salutation, and as I got nearer, she called out again; "is your dog friendly?"

"Yes, he's friendly but he woofs a lot," I smiled. And at that exact moment, Naughty George snarled and lunged for the rat-on-a-string, biting it on the face. The ratty thing emitted a death-defying squeal as I pulled Naughty George backwards out of reach.

Veteran villager looked distraught and rat-on-a-string was whimpering.

"I am so, so sorry," I stammered, dragging Naughty George away from the scene of the crime.

As we progressed, the rat's whimpering sounds gradually diminished, and I turned to NG and hissed, "you complete bastard!"

Naughty George looked blank, standing stock still and staring into the distance. But then the sound of a voice to my left made me jump: "did you just call your dog a bastard?"

I turned and saw one of the chaps in the village looking at me. He had been in his front garden doing jobs, and I hadn't noticed him.

"Oh hiya, I didn't see you there," I said brightly, trying to hide my embarrassment as he grinned at me.

"Well I had best get on," I said, dragging NG down back down the street towards home, and waving to the villager behind me.

That dog has got a lot to answer for. And he didn't even look repentant.....

Pic.No.1. Naughty George chilling on the sofa after biting a dog on the face

I know it is not related to this post, but I wanted to use my new Canon Powershot S95, so I took a picture of my fridge in the dark.

Pic.No.2. A gratuitous picture of my fridge

I still have the camera set to 'auto' so I am sure that I am not exploiting its ample features yet. But I love it. And frustratingly have not have enough photo opportunities to give me an excuse to whip it out.

P.S. So what are you up to this weekend?

Annie (Lady M) x

Anne Dickens | The day after yesterday


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