NBA Finals 2011 Live Online TV Entertainment Analysis

Mom Anna Fe wants to discuss the game relating it to TV because as a wife, she also loves basketball as a household entertainment. That’s why today she’s here to give us an analysis of this game. There really aren’t contrasts to be made between the 38-year old Jason Kidd and the 22-year-old Derrick Rose, other than both of them will one day be in the Hall-of-Fame.
The dissimilarity is—as stirring as Rose can be—his style of play does not match up well compared to the Heat’s guard. Having Rose get the ball at the top of the key and then having him try and tub past his man into a lane that has LeBron James, Dwyane Wade then Joel Anthony waiting for him is going to end in turnovers or missed shots more often than powerful dunks.
The most in effect way to beat Miami’s defense was the way Boston frolicked them at times during the season and even in their playoff series. You have to make the extra pass, be enduring, wait for things to open up rather than driving intensely into the lane, because they will take the ball, pass it ahead and throw it down again and again, and again.
Kidd will not have need of the same type of cautious attention as Rose, but he is the right type of point guard to go at this defense. A high assist game for Rose is 10, whereas Kidd always is around 10 per game. Kidd will get the ball to his teammates where they can make easier baskets and will not turn the ball over nearly as much. Also, Kidd is a better three-point shooter than Rose, so the Heat won’t be able to simply leave him open like they did with Rajon Rondo.
One of the main causes the Philadelphia 76ers were able to play Miami somewhat close was Jrue Holiday. Holiday had a total of 11 turnovers in 5 games. Rose had a total of 19 turnovers in their 5 game series. To beat the Heat, you don’t need your point guard to be the main attacking option, in fact it’s better to have a low turnover, assist guy to pick apart the defense.
Off the bench, JJ Barea has astonished teams again and again. You think this guy should get zapped every time he goes into the lane, but somehow Barea is prospering no matter if he’s going against a bench guy or starter. It’s not that Barea is this unseen secret to the Mavericks chances of beating the Heat, but if they allow him to get 20 off the bench, I don’t see how the Heat will make up the point differential.
Mike Bibby and Mario Chalmers at best might combine for 20 in a game. Kidd and Barea are capable of combining for 35. The Heat cannot let Kidd be contented and cannot give to have Barea chip in double digit points off the bench. Read more to get more suprises.


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