Nearing the end of this dang elimination diet

I'm nearing the end of this elimination diet and am so glad.  I felt like quitting yesterday.  Interesting that I wanted to quit P90X too.  However I only had two days of the diet and two weeks of P90X left.  That seemed pretty silly to quit right at the end so I decided to keep going.  It would be like quitting just before the end of a long race.  


other half of quinoa cereal

Again, I felt fantastic after this.  The only issue with this is that it takes a little bit of time to make, but it's well worth it.


spring salad with 1/2 avocado, onion, oil dressing, onions

1/2 savory crackers (same as a few days ago)

gelato made w/ strawberries and coconut milk



sauteed sweet potato w/ zucchini and red onions

This was a very light dinner but very satisfying. This is the first time I've ever made tilapia.  I baked it and it was really pretty dang good.



1/2 sweet potato w. maple syrup, walnuts and cinnamon

smoothie w/ strawberries, blueberries, banana, flax seed

Again this breakfast was good and it left me feeling very energetic but I was hungry again very early.


1/2 c rice w/ 1/2 c pinto and kidney beans, onion and cilantro

sauteed kale w/ red onions

green beans w/ almonds


2 frozen bananas


I was hungry early after that lunch.  I am definitely getting that weird feeling when I don't eat enough meat.  I'm full but not satisfied.  I also get kind of restless.  I knew I needed some meat for dinner.


turkey burger


I noticed the night after the peas I woke up congested.  I also had some digestive issues.  I looked this up and I guess peas are off a lot of elimination diets' lists.  I'm keeping track of this for later.  Peas are not something I eat very often, but I wonder if it's something that causes me some occasional issue.

For Easter I actually decided to treat myself with a different meal.  I usually have ham, but since it's just my husband and me and he hates ham, I decided to whoop it up and buy filet mignon. This is my go-to steak when I go out to eat.  I don't eat steak that often so when I do, I want the best one.  It turned out great.  

I will say I did want some deviled eggs and rolls but I survived.  I also would've liked some jelly beans but I know I can't just handle a few.  I have to eat the whole dang bag.  Hopefully some day I'll be able to handle them better.

The more research I do on these elimination diets, the more complex I understand they can be.  For people with severe sensitivities to food, you are supposed to eat an even more severe restrictive diet over a period of four to six weeks.  You then introduce a food every four days and see how you react. I'm going to introduce a food each day. They say that most reactions happen within a few hours of ingestion.  

I still haven't decided which food I'll reintroduce tomorrow.  I forgot I will be out and about a lot.  I can't wait for corn, soy, tomato, eggs,  tamari and peppers.  Yippe, it's almost Tuesday!