Necessity's a Mother

"Mater artium necessitas," Latin, William Horman 1519

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention," English, Richard Frank, 1658

"The Mothers of Invention," Classic Rock Band, Frank Zappa, 1960s & '70s

"Necessity's a Mother,", Robin, 2012


So many tasks, so little time.

How DOES the blogger of today handle family, pets, finances, clothing and food production while, most likely, holding down a job, or maybe two?

Just couldn't take the irritated stares any longer.

I dunno. Or at least, I didn't until BlogHer '12. Then, it all came together so clearly. High tech multitasking is the answer. Making a video is the answer. Working away at jobs on the "To-Do List" by telling yourself you're making a video for your blog is the answer. You'll see, no matter how mundane the task, you're a star! And, better yet, the job gets done, Check in Block.

Custom cutting the measured place-mat into two.

Need to vacuum the mini-blinds? Just script a "How-To," then lights, camera, action and...done! Can't figure out what to have for dinner? Document the menu planning process by filming as you look through Pinterest and narrow down 25,000 recipe possibilities to one. Done! Dinner's planned and there's a vlog to load up to your post.

Connect the dots, I say! You have tasks to perform, people to please and knowledge to share. Elevate your lot in life to that of Hollywood producer by some simple face time with the camera app on your smart phone. Improve your can-do attitude by filming vlogs for your blog!

Cutting two 50cent pet-mats was fun once I started
video production. Make up! Lights! Camera! Action!

Take me, for instance. Our cat, Katherine or "Kitty" for short, needed a mat under her food and water dishes. Weeks ago, I bought a $1.00 place-mat at Wal*Mart intending to cut it to size, nicely fitting the space to be out of the way. Wouldn't take long, I said. Would do it as soon as I got home, I said. But, this morning, there the project sat and I hate it when Kitty is grouchy first thing in the morning.

Kitty LOVES her new pet-mat.

In addition, I wanted to do a blog entry today. So, guess what! I measured and cut Kitty's mat out of the purchased place-mat, having enough for two, took photos and made a video. All of a sudden I could happily multitask. The seemingly insignificant pet-mat project was done and my blog post was halfway there.

So, check in block and half a check in block. And, as soon as I import my video below, it will be a full two checks in the block. Done and done. Yay, me!

 What a rewarding first video. Kitty makes me proud
by doing exactly what I scripted on my storyboards.



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