The need to create positive habits!

Today the Moon starts a new cycle with the New Moon in aquarius. What a nice start of the week!  So many new thoughts and solution to our old problems could come our way the next month. It´s always a good time to start something new, progressive but wise things when the new moon is in this sign.   I ´m going to start drinking my favorite drink in the morning that is made of almond milk, bananas and the frozen blueberries  I picked last autumn with my family.   This is absoulutly fantastic drink, so sweet and full of energy that you don´t need any suckar in the course of the day.  For many years ago, I read a book called Fit for life, that changed my eating habits forever.  It´s so nice to experience a real wake up call that fundamentally change the way you view the world !  By eating fruits in the morning you start the day by filling yourself with fruitish sunshine and energy to clean the body, instead of eating heavy breakfast that rubs you energy and makes you tired and heavy.  It takes so much energy to digest so when you eat fruits in the morning it goes fast through the system, just about twenty minutes, and gives the body energy while cleaning the dirt away.  Yes you need to go to the toilet!  The morning time, until 12 a clock, is the cleaning time for the body so it´s not wise to overload it with food.   But the lunch is excellent time to eat the main meal that craves energy to digest.   Well, I was obsessed with this theory and took it to the exstreme for a while or until a got the point in my flesh and blood to really feel it´s positive outcome.  Then I started to slow down and have been working on it for many years so now many things have become constructive habits!  I´ll for sure go into the details later in my blog since it has been so powerful and effective in my life!       

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