Remember When You Were 15?

RJ and Laurie White at BlogHer10You might have met my daughter--well one of them. She attended BlogHer09 and BlogHer10. (Some of you have met multiple daughters.) The one I am speaking of is Rebecca, RJ, blogger at

RJ rocks my world...just like daughters everywhere do for their mothers. I suspect if you spent any time with her either at BlogHer or just in general, you would get that she has more than her share of sparkle. Even if you haven't met her or even read her blog--you can help with this gift...because I know you were a teen once upon a time.

She turns 15 next month. She has had a rough couple of years--as I believe most girls her age do. It seems it takes years for girls to believe they are pretty enough, smart enough, belong with people, belong to this world, don't have the oddest, worst family, body, nose, school, teachers, etc.

For her birthday I want to make her something special, something to hold on to for bad days and for good,  and I need your help.

If you could think back to when you were on the cusp of 15 and say something to yourself or wish someone had said to you...share it with me. Better? Video. A picture holding up some words of encouragement, empathy, hope, common sense, or just some sort of birthday wish.

She loves BlogHers. You women truly are her heroes. Like most kids--grown ups not related to them often get through where a parent can not. So take a moment and share something. I want to whip up the most perfect marshmallow mom present ever for a 15 yo's birthday. At least the most perfect gift for this particular 15 year old.

Please help and leave a link or tweet me (@thatwoman) or message me or email me (my contact email is in my profile)



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