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Many people today believe that because they are eating a salad with whole wheat rice, chicken and an apple as a snack that they are receiving all their daily nutrients. Are they really though? The question has been debated for years and although we highly endorse eating healthy foods like these, we also believe it is important to take a multivitamin as an additional source of nutritional support. Here are a few reasons of why a multivitamin is necessary, for even the healthiest eaters!

It is very hard to make sure you are receiving adequate nutrition in your diet. It does not matter if you eat a wide variety of health foods, you are still highly likely to be deficient in certain nutrients. For example, how do you know the orange you are eating actually contains 85% of your vitamin C? You don’t. Too many factors affect the outcome of our foods and we cannot accurately gauge each ingredient within them.

Certain foods contain more nutrients than others.  Did you know the United States has the worst soil in the world and only 15% of it is actually rich in minerals? So when purchasing your foods that are US grown, you only have a 15% chance that it will contain necessary nutrients for the body to function. This means that not all “healthy” foods have the nutritional value necessary to sustain us.

We are not getting as much nutrition in our diet as we once were. Back in the day a cup of spinach contained almost double the amount of iron per serving than today.  Spinach only contains 6.4 mg of iron per cup, which means that you would need at least 3 cups of spinach per day to meet the RDA of just iron. That is a lot of spinach! Similarly with turkey breast, you are only getting 1.1 mg in 3 ounces. That means you will need 18 ounces just to get enough iron from turkey. Crazy Right? Iron is just one of the many nutrients that are required on a daily basis. Could you imagine doing this math for every single nutrient for every single meal? That is a lot of planning, and requires lot of recipes in your arsenal just to get enough nutritional support. There has to be an easier way right?

 The company Global Pharmedica has a full line of multivitamin supplements that have been thoroughly researched to provide comprehensive nutritional support. Ingredients contained within each vitamin reflect more accurately to the amounts you are consuming than other foods.  No more crossing of the fingers to hope that you are getting enough Vitamin C in your diet to not get sick this cold and flu season. By taking a multivitamin, you will know you have taken the correct amount to maintain a healthy immune system.

So what should you do?

  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet IN ADDITION TO taking a Multivitamin will ensure all nutrients are being consumed.
  • Make sure your multivitamin has appropriate levels to work with your diet. If you already eat healthy you do not need 100% of every ingredient, look for a multi that may be like 70-80% instead. If you do not eat healthy and do not plan to (even though we still recommend doing so) try for a multivitamin that gives you full vitamin support and has the 100% of each ingredient.
  • You can choose ingredients in your multivitamin and personalize it to your needs!
    • Men, look for a multi that has the basic vitamins A-E and minerals, but also look for one that contains ingredients like Saw Palmetto and Lycopene for a healthy heart and prostate. Prostate Health or Men’s Food-Based Multi are great choices!
    • Ladies look for one that also has your basic vitamin support as well as herbal ingredients that help female problems such as Vitex, Dong Quai, and iron. Mami’s Hormone Balance and/or Women’s Adult Food-Based Multi would be great options.  
    • Pregnant ladies, look for one that has complete vitamin/mineral support especially with Folic Acid and DHA. Folic acid is necessary for DNA growth and fetal development.  DHA is very important for neurological and cognitive development in your baby. Try Mami’s Maternity + DHA.
    • For children, Look for one that has a superfood blend without artificial colors and flavors, but also tastes good or else they will not eat it. As far as ingredients make sure it is rich in calcium and Vitamin D to assist in bone growth and development. We are confident your kiddos will love Kido’z Vitamin!
    • Overall, keep up your healthy eating and just add a multivitamin to be sure you are receiving adequate nutrition.



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