Need On-Hold Music? Make it Easy with 909 Music: Pay Once and Use Forever!

909 Royalty Free Music

Copyright laws can be tricky when it comes to playing music when your customer or client is on-hold. A common mistake is for business owners to assume that they can safely play A CD that they own, or stream from the radio. However, playing music on hold for your business is actually considered a public performance, and therefore requires the permission of a copyright or license owner.


Want to skip the drama? Royalty-free libraries like 909 Music offer ways to own the rights to a track after paying a simple one-time fee. What’s more is 909 has a huge selection of tunes ranging from jingles to electronica to hip-hop and much more. Void a lawsuit and impress your customers at the same time!


909’s website is: / You can also connect with them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.



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