Need more CHOCOLATE! :) Ovulation Time


Yesterday i was just soooo flippen tired it was crazy. And it was morning! 

Then finally today i got a clue (DUH!) I was ovulating. See, I'm just learning my body all over again and it's functions and it's cycle. After having 4 babies one after the other i've 4gotten the routine and the system of my body. So, I've had my 4th baby in Jan. and now i'm on a mission to find me.  

So yesterday i was tired and today my mission was to find CHOCOLATE! With luck i found some of my kids' candy from easter. Phew :) 

As i was sitting down pigging out on the bite size snickers, twix and reese I, oh yeah and M&Ms I realized "I'm goning to start my period soon". Then i realized "That's why i was so tired yesterday! I was ovulating. THEN! I realized! OMG! Me and my hunny did the dirty!


was i wearing protection at that time?

oh jeez, did we do it without a condom?

Oh JESUS! please say i did all the proper procedures before i went to sleep!

GOD! Please oh please OH PLEASE!


Now my last 3 pregnancies where well welcomed but unexpected. I have been so busy that i totally 4got to focus on myself! And isn't that how it seems to go sometimes.

So now, this is my ovulation week and of course i prayed that i did do all that i needed to do to save me from the unexpected. Now i love my babies, but my  focus this year is trying to get me back. And me back meaning the happy, healthy, vibrant, passionate, sexy (in my head:) self that i oh so loved. . . . 

I know that a sperm can stay in you for at least a week i believe and it's the female sperms that stay alive the longest.


Another Day, Another Dollar

Another Panty left to Wash :)

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