Need Motivation - Tip #1 - Don't try on smaller jeans too soon

I pulled the t-shirt over my head this morning and noticed that it didn't seem to catch on my hips.  That's right!  It just hung straight down (if I sucked in my gut so that it couldn't catch on my stomach).  I know the scale says I've lost weight and now little things like how my t-shirt fits is beginning to emerge.

So after an exceptionally fine morning workout of 8 minute abs, Jillian, and some good ol Tai Bao, I shower and think...hmmm...I bet those jeans I was wearing this Fall might fit again.

So wrong.  They didn't even pull all the way up.

Note that if they fit this last fall and they don't fit now, that I have gained a significant amount of weight in a fairly short time.  I really did.  On top of an already unhappy body, I just swelled up.

There are reasons - I stopped nursing, I was sick.  And I just ate and ate and didn't exercise.  And when I did get out walking, I still just ate and ate never really realizing just how many calories I was putting into my body.

I'm thankful that I got an ah-ha before it got any worse because I was certainly headed that direction.  And I'm glad that I have two good weeks under my belt of eating well, eating appropriate amounts and of increasing the exercise.

But I'm not at all exuberant about the current state of things.  It's still just hard work in a weird can't really do anything kind of way.  I can eat less (but only at meal times).  I can exercise more (but only at appropriate times).  The rest of the time I just kind of AM in this different space of not eating and trying to get healthier.  And my dang jeans still don't fit.

So I have resolved to ignore the dresser filled with clothing that might someday fit until my current jeans are literally (literally) falling off me.  It feels more motivating to have loose clothes than tight clothes (grinning - maybe as my body gets some shape back to it, I might say differently, but for now.....I love a t-shirt that doesn't catch on anything but my chest!)

And tomorrow it will begin again.  Day 18.




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