The Need To Roar

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Little Lion
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From A Whisper To A Roar

I was hurt a great deal by a sexual offender and bully who also happened to be my boss at work.  Though this was my unique experience, many facets of it are, of course, all too common for so many women.  Creating a safe place to articulate and break down the difficult and darker moments of this experience continues to have a significant impact on the life I create for the future for myself and my child.  I have no formula or plan.  What I post is as it tumbles out of my mind, late at night and usually in place of sleep :)  Being able to connect with others in tiny ways every so often through this blog is in fact not tiny at all in my heart.  I am doing it for me, but should anybody, ever, feel resonance with something they read there - well, that would be nothing short of amazing and worth every tear shed.  I am grateful for the chance I have had so far to be heard in my own way and my wish for every woman is to be heard in their way, too.  Thank you for hearing me.