Needed: Thick Skin, Big Heart

Tonight, my three-year-old son sat down at the table, looked at his plate of food that I had labored over, calmly pointed at each item, and said emphatically, “I don’t like that, I don’t like that, I don’t like that and I don’t like that.”

This makes me a little crazy, especially when I have truly worked hard to make him a healthy meal. But this isn’t as bad as when he takes a bite of something (after I have begged and bribed him), chews it, and then mushes it back out of his mouth, with a disgusted look on his face. Then he looks at me and calmly says, “Yucky.”

I don’t know where this behavior comes from. Honestly, he used to eat pretty much anything. Not so now. Has he learned this from other kids at school? Have his tastes really changed? I don’t know. Thank goodness I work and he has to go to preschool full-time, where, he says, the food is much better. Otherwise, he might starve.

But in any case, I’ll keep trying. And I’ll try not to get my feelings hurt when he turns his nose up at my meals and pretty much barfs when he takes a bite of something I’ve prepared. I’ve decided that sometimes moms have to have thick skin when they’re cooking for their kids. Luckily, growing this thick skin isn’t as hard as it would seem, since we moms also have big hearts.

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