nerd alert

The other day I read a tweet that referenced a "second day."  It seemed to be talking about something refreshing and restorative, and because I like all things refreshing and restorative, I decided to click over to see what it was all about. 


You can read the post here, but my paraphrase is as follows:


Taking a second day means recognizing those times during the day when you're at the end of yourself, for one reason or another, and deciding to do something about it; something to give yourself a boost to make it (joyously) to bedtime.  As I understand it (I read it quickly), her suggestion is to take a chunk of time, split it in half, spend the first part doing something quick but necessary that relieves a burden on the day (dishes, email, phone call, bill paying) and then take the second half of the specified chunk and do something that fulfills you (drawing, praying, henna tattooing...ok that one was mine).


So even though I wasn't having a particularly troubling day, I decided to give it a go.


I did it a little backwards-I knew that during naptime I'd need to eat lunch and get some freelance work done.  So I decided that instead of working while eating, I'd eat and read something for fun.  Then, after lunch was done, I'd get to work. 


It was nice to take my time eating and read a little, but I laughed when I realized that while some people find doodling restorative, when given the chance, I turn to 2 inch thick books on Christian ethics.  I don't mean that in a humblebrag kind of way, because I know there are some fellow nerds out there who would want to be all "my book is bigger than yours."  I truly mean just, wow.  That was nerdy.


And refreshing.


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