Netflix Queue Reviews!

Here's what I've watched recently.

 We finally finished all the seasons of Lost.

SB's Rating: 5/5
I loved this show. I think you get attached to the characters. If you have extra time on your hands or are wanting to watch something during the off season of tv, I highly recommend. It's addictive. 
Abraham Lincoln---Vampire Hunter
SB's rating: 2/5 
I only had this in my queue because one of my students was reading the book and really liked it. I guess I should read the book; I'm hoping the movie did it an injustice. I wouldn't waste a id="mce_marker" on this at Redbox. If you have a Netflix account, I'd say fine; otherwise, wait til it shows on tv. LC even remarked he would have been angry if he'd paid to see this at the movie theater. 


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